Why Join BC Christian Academy?

British Columbia Christian Academy is entering into one of the most exciting seasons of its 30-year history.  We begin a new chapter as we move forward with our vision of development following the purchase of our 1019 Fernwood school property.

We are excited to see our new school facility built.  In addition, our student body has greatly grown, now prompting the expansion of our campus infrastructure to meet the ongoing and future needs of our students and staff so we can continue impacting lives.

Our uncompromising commitment to our mission and core values of Christ, Community, and Compassion is at the heart of everything we do.  BCCA teachers are not only B.C. certified but also loving and caring, reflecting Godly character while integrating Scriptures across the curriculum and core academic subject areas. Staff are qualified and positioned to inspire and guide our students to view themselves and all of life from a biblical perspective.

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Who is a BCCA Teacher?

A Servant Leader in Christ

Leaders, teachers, and staff of BC Christian Academy are encouraged to participate, grow, and refresh their biblical understanding on an ongoing basis. Devotions and prayers are at the heart of our day-to-day operations. Furthermore, there is ongoing mentoring and professional development available on a regular basis.

Works in a Safe & Caring Community

Being a multicultural community allows our teachers, staff, parents, and students to become loving members of the body of Christ, to appreciate and respect one another’s differences, and to work together in accomplishing God’s kingdom work in BCCA. Being there for those who are suffering or going through hard times, working together for the success of any school event, and rejoicing over the arrival of a co-worker’s little one, are a few examples of our school coming together as a community.

Responds with Compassion

We teach our students to demonstrate empathy, care, and compassion for others. Friendships are encouraged and built among students across different grades, among teachers, staff, and parents.  The community outreach and opportunity to speak into the lives of the young people render the work a special meaning.

When you join the BCCA Family, you… 

  • become part of a Christ-centred & caring community
  • work alongside staff from diverse backgrounds
  • grow in your understanding of God’s Word
  • are given the tools to grow professionally
  • make a difference in the lives of our future generations

Why work in Port Coquitlam, BC?

Port Coquitlam (PoCo) is a part of Tri-Cities in the lower mainland of British Columbia. It’s approximately 45 minutes away from downtown Vancouver and 2 hours away from Whistler, the biggest ski resort in Canada. With the completion of the rapid transport Evergreen Line in 2016, the Tri-Cities have never been more accessible.  According to the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, the Tri-Cities is the fastest growing region in Metro Vancouver. The steady growth is still visible in the continued residential developments and new businesses in the area. In addition, over 20 multi-denominational local churches call Tri-Cities home.  Why We Love PoCo

Your Benefits include…

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Extended Healthcare Benefits
  • Comprehensive Dental Benefits
  • Staff Tuition & Daycare Discounts
  • RRSP Matching Program
  • Access to professional development and trainings
  • Fun & frequent social events for staff & faculty


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