Our International Programs offer foreign students an opportunity to achieve a strong foundation of the English language and to experience the Canadian culture. This allows the students to excel in their studies here at BCCA as well as to be equipped for further education and careers.

BCCA International Program was developed to allow students to experience the Canadian culture while receiving a holistic and high-quality education. We focus on helping students grow and succeed through academic achievements, sports excellence, character building, fine arts aspirations and missions and community service. Students who require additional English language assistance are placed in smaller English preparatory classes to accelerate their English proficiency. As soon as they are ready, they will join the regular class program in their respective academic grade level. Please email office@bccaschool.ca for more information.

Summer Program

Study tours have become an integral part of learning in many schools around the world. In addition to ESL classroom lessons, students learn by being immersed in settings that require application of their lessons. We do this in part by organizing activities and field trips to significant sites around greater Vancouver to create a positive experiential learning that will be etched in the memories of our participants for a lifetime.

Our fun-filled and activity-packed program is customizable according to your preferences, group size and age of the participants. A parent participation program can also be included upon request. These field trips are offered during both summer and winter ESL courses.

Winter or Short-Term Integrated Programs

Since 1998, our uniquely designed program has helped students from around the world develop their English skills, while providing them a good understanding of the Canadian culture. In addition to ESL classes, students join in the regular classes, giving them opportunities to interact with local students and participate in all class activities and field trips. The program duration is flexible, ranging from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. Spaces for Winter and Short-Term Programs are very limited. Please call the school office at 778 819 8534 for more information on all Short-Term Programs or email admin@bccaschool.ca.

BCCA Homestay Program

Host Families are carefully selected by our dedicated Homestay Coordinator, ensuring our International Students are provided with a safe and comfortable family environment. Host Families must fulfill a set of stringent criteria before being accepted to host any students in our community. BCCA Homestay Program offers a rich and rewarding immersive homestay experience for both the Students and Homestay Hosts, sharing cultural experiences and information with each other. All students are placed in English speaking homes where they get ample opportunities to interact and converse in English, hence improving their grasp of the English language efficiently.


High School

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