You are welcome to submit an application for your child(ren) year round but we encourage you to do it when you first decide this is the school you have selected, as each grade has limited openings. Please download here the International Program application forms. To view and use fillable forms, you should have Adobe Reader installed on your device. You can download it for free here:

An application will not be considered unless, and until, the school receives all the items listed below:

  • Students wishing to apply to BC Christian Academy must fill out and submit an International Program Student Application to the school.
  • Provide copies of recent 2 years’ report cards (transcripts) from the student’s current or former school and must be translated into English by an official translator.
  • Submit an English translation of any diagnostic reports or IEP or any other learning support reports.
  • An interview with the principal will be arranged after a review of the application (if the student is in Canada at the time). Upon acceptance, tuition fees, student fees and registration fees must be paid in full.
  • Students must have a legal guardian in Canada if they are not staying with their parents. Custodianship forms are available in the office. These forms must be notarized by a lawyer or a public notary to make them legal. B.C.C.A. must have a copy to be kept in the student’s file.
  • International students must have a current student visa to study in Canada.

Acceptance Letter

Tuition fees must be paid in full before the school can issue a Letter of Acceptance for the student to obtain a visa. Payment of fees reserves a space in the school for that student for the year and assures Immigration Canada that the applicant is indeed a student in Canada. If applicant is unable to obtain a student visa, the tuition will be refunded in full.

Application, Tuition and Student Activity Fees

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee when registration forms are submitted. Families can opt to pay the registration fee, full tuition and other fees at the same time via wire transfer to the school. Please contact the school for wire transfer details.

Refund Policy for Tuition Fees

All requests for refunds must be made in writing to British Columbia Christian Academy. Refund requests include the original Letter of Acceptance issued by British Columbia Christian Academy as well as relevant supporting documentation (e.g. letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

  • Full Refund less application fee will be given if Canadian Immigration does not approve a Student Study Permit. To obtain a refund, written requests should be received within six months of the date of refusal. Requests must include the formal letter of refusal from Canadian Immigration and the original Letter of Acceptance issued by British Columbia Christian Academy.
  • ½ Refund will be given when a student withdraws or becomes a landed immigrant or permanent resident prior to the commencement of their program, which is the first day of their attendance at British Columbia Christian Academy.
  • No Refund will be granted to a:
    • Student who withdraws or becomes a landed immigrant after the commencement of their program.
    • Student who is dismissed from the program due to a breach of the law, policy or regulation as determined by the Government of Canada, the Police, BCCA.
    • Student whose parent obtains a working visa after the commencement of the program.

Medical Coverage For International Students

All International students are required to pay for medical coverage as a condition of their acceptance in British Columbia Christian Academy. All International students must report with their passport and Study Permit to the BCCA office upon arrival to apply for this coverage.

English Language Learner Program (ELL Class)

Students in Elementary grades (K-7) ages 5-12 will receive ELL instruction on a “pull out” basis. Students in the High School grades (8-12) ages 13-19 will be placed in the ELL class and integrated into regular classes as their English skills improve.

School Uniform

The proper uniforms and gym clothing are to be worn by all students.

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