BCCA Athletics: A Journey of Faith, Excellence, and Exciting Transformations”

As we look back on our journey, it’s clear that Athletics at BCCA has been a testament to perseverance, growth, and unwavering faith. From humble beginnings without our own gym to a thriving program where our athletes pursue success at provincial, national, and even international levels, we recognize that our true victory lies in sharing the story of Jesus Christ and His triumph on the cross with our athletes, coaches, and spectators.

While we celebrate our achievements such as provincial titles, national honours, and university scholarships, we cherish the greatest honour of all – the opportunity to intimately know Christ and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour. In every game, match, and competition, we strive to share the gospel and demonstrate Christ’s love to each and every one of our athletes.

Looking ahead, we are excited to embark on a journey of Rebuilding and Revamping our athletics program to meet the evolving needs of our athletes and the sports environment. We’ll start by bringing specialized coaches from successful club programs into our classrooms to assist our dedicated BCCA teachers in their Professional Development in Physical Education. Beginning with the Primary grades and extending to High School, we will revise and enhance our curriculum, incorporating new strategies and concepts to progressively teach each sport at specific grade levels.

Our collaboration with these esteemed Clubs will extend to offering club programming right here at the school, including Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton, with hopes to add Track and Field in the future. Our students will benefit from discounted club pricing and the opportunity to develop their skills year-round if they choose to participate. Additionally, these club coaches will lend their expertise to our school teams at all levels, enriching our Athletics program and ensuring a high level of excellence unmatched by any other school in British Columbia.

Together, we are building not only exceptional athletes but also strong individuals who exemplify Christ’s teachings both on and off the field. Thank you for being part of our journey towards excellence in athletics and faith. We look forward to the exciting opportunities and achievements that lie ahead for our BCCA Athletics family.

Want to know more or have questions?  Please email Mr. Doug Dowell at ddowell@bccaschool.ca

The BC Christian Academy Athletics Program was created with the purpose of helping young men and women develop their faith, so they can use their athletic gifts and talents to bring honour, glory and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Over the last 7 years we have attempted to provide the foundation for these athletes that will not only help them to succeed athletically but also advance in their pursuit of God’s heart. We use resources from Christian organizations such as “Fellowship of Christian Athletes” and Pastor Joe Ehrmann’s “Inside Out Coaching” that assist our staff in teaching our athletes to develop their own faith in Christ.  We also help them understand what it means to be a man or woman living for Christ while participating in athletics. Team Bible study and devotions are a part of the team’s daily routine and through these we develop the competitor for Christ. It is our goal that these athletes are not only impacted in their athletic careers, but are empowered to become all that Christ has created them to be.

Athletes are encouraged and taught about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ “Competitors Creed” and are encouraged to implement it not only when they compete but in everything they do. Our foundational verse for our program is 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

There are a variety of sports in which our athletes can take part and they will be taught by some of the top coaches in their sport.  Many of our athletes have represented our province and our country on both provincial and national teams. We strive to build an athletic program that reaches out to all athletes. We help them find purpose that enables them to reach out to others and make a difference for Christ.

Athletes of each gender have at least one sport in which they can compete during each season of play.


Boys Soccer
Girls Volleyball


Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball


Track and Field
Ultimate Frisbee


High School

Kids Club


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