BC Christian Academy follows the Learning Outcomes established by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students in grade 12 sit for the Departmental Examinations which are necessary for graduation, and university / college entrance. In addition to regular course work, BCCA is proud to offer Advanced Placement Courses for students who have the gifts and desire to study in a rigorous academic environment. Because our strong academic, athletic and artistic programs our students are well prepared for post-secondary education with more than 90% of our students going on to university or college.

As a Christian school, all subjects are taught from a Christian perspective with the view that the world is a place where God, through the power of his Spirit, calls His children to be faithful in living out Truth.  Our students are taught to recognize what has been distorted and ruined by sin, and be the Salt and Light to the world through actively serving others, living a Christian lifestyle and becoming leaders in their communities without compromising their values. Throughout the learning process our students learn how to be critical thinkers in an ever-imposing secular world.

Our students develop their abilities, becoming vibrant Christians as family members, friends, consumers, workers, citizens, and church members. They learn about and experience the rightful place of science and technology, leisure and labor, communications and aesthetics, and justice and love. BCCA offers a wide variety of programs to our grade 9-12 students such as:

  • International Programs
  • Advanced Placement Program
  • Missions Trips
  • Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball
  • Strings Ensemble
  • Track & Field
  • Concert & Worship Band
  • After school tutoring
  • Drama, Media Arts

High School Courses and Electives

Here at BC Christian Academy, we are forward-thinking, innovative, and care about equipping our students for the future. The elective courses available to our students are for sure going to make a difference in their lives whether they hope to run their own business one day or simply to prepare themselves for the working world.

This impressive list is intended to give you an introduction to all the possible electives that are available to our high school students after looking at their interests and BCCA’s own research of courses that will be beneficial to prepare our students for the future.

Below are some of the elective courses available to our high school students!


The Woodworking Elective is open to all Grade 8 -12 High School students. Creativity and appreciation of fine craftsmanship are being developed while encouraging students to complete their own designed projects. Safety and proper machine skills are taught and students are introduced how to use certain hand tools as well as power tools.


Elementary and high school students may be involved in drama groups and perform during spring or Christmas time. Students can audition for roles in the plays and musicals and act out dramatic and comedic scenes. In the elective course, students are introduced to a variety of topics including technical aspects of theatre like set preparation, lighting, sound, costume design, and make-up. They learn acting and improv skills through lectures, games, and activities. They are also taught how to write, direct, and act plays.

Guitar Building & Repair Elective

Guitar Building is open to our HS students who will be taught how to construct their own guitar over the course of the elective, and along the way learn about the practical applications of carpentry, math, and music.

Advanced Placement Program

BCCA successfully launched its first AP course in September 2015 beginning with AP English Literature and AP BC Calculus. In the following years, we have added a few more AP courses based on student’s interests. Students attending BCCA, who have the gifts and desire to study in a rigorous academic environment, will have the opportunity of taking 4 AP courses (with live instructors at BCCA) before graduating. In addition, should students wish to take additional AP courses online, we will be able to offer our students many other AP courses while attending BCCA.

As more high school graduates continue to apply for a limited number of places, post-secondary institutions are embracing the Advanced Placement alternative more than ever before. In North America, more than 11,000 high schools participate in AP and 2900 colleges grant credit to over 46,000 students.


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