The Middle School program encompasses Grades 5 through Grade 8.  Students “in the middle”  grow and develop rapidly. It is a time of immense change, and none of the changes happen in the same order for every student. During these tween years, students are preparing to become young adults, and British Columbia Christian Academy recognizes that student needs are best served in a Middle School setting which focuses on the changing process children go through in becoming adults.  

BC Christian Academy Middle School equips students with the knowledge, discernment, and skills to navigate their lives in an ever-increasingly complex world. As a Middle School, we walk with your adolescents to help them fully live into the unique person that God created them to be.  Your child’s teachers collaborate together to really get to know each student during this time of many changes so that we can walk beside your child in embracing a Christian work ethic and Christian grace in order to flourish together.

Our Middle School emphasizes the nurturing relationship of the student and the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher of each class is concerned with the overall growth of the students, including their spiritual, social, and emotional growth, as well as their academic potential, and their wellness in coping with the many changes in their transition from childhood to young adulthood. Our Middle School is the space that allows them to continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and in favour with God and humankind.

The homeroom teacher of each class teaches the core subjects of Bible, Math, Language Arts, P.E., Social Studies, and Science.  Middle School students also have Specialist teachers for Art, Music, and French.  Our Formational Learning Experiences (FLEx) are designed to impact student learning in areas that interest them. These are opportunities for the Middle School student to engage in “real work that meets a real need for real people” — opportunities to practice living the kingdom story. FLEx classes deepens student learning in art, Christian doctrine, photography, technology,  textiles, and woods and they incorporate the curricular competencies of BC’s  Applied Design, Skill and Technology (ADST) Middle School offers all students many opportunities and challenges to stretch themselves and discover their interests and talents.

All areas of the Middle School curriculum fosters problem-solving situations, collaborative work, project-based learning, caring for creation, a stirring to participate in restoring broken relationships, and learning new knowledge and skills for work in creation and culture. Every subject offers an important dimension to the learning and personal development of the whole individual, to be a living stone, built on Jesus Christ, our chief cornerstone.

Our program will include:

  • Weekly Chapel services and community building on Christian principles
  • The quarterly system and digital report cards
  • Extra-curricular opportunities in Athletics and the Arts to deepen and strengthen giftedness
  • Life Skills, STEM, and Project-Based Learning
  • Woodworking on the high school campus and PE in a full-sized gym
  • Leadership and Service Opportunities (Tech Crew, Yearbook, Digital News Announcers, Crossing Guards, etc.)
  • The integration of technology with one-on-one computers and classical instruction
  • A balance of Collaborative and Individualized academic work


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