Community is at the heart of BC Christian Academy. As an old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child” and it does take a community to nurture and sustain the future of BCCA. To support our goal of building and strengthening the culture of collaboration at BCCA, an enhanced school-community partnership is necessary among the different groups of our school.

It is in this light that we are reaching out to BCCA parents who are business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, employees in a business or trade to be part of our Local Business Professional Group to know and hear from each other and discuss ways that we can help support and strengthen the Christian Business Community at BCCA and the Tri-Cities.

Faith & Work Conference

The Faith and Work Conference is the largest Christian Leadership Conference organized by BC Christian Academy with the purpose of providing a setting for the equipping, inspiring, and encouraging of people who aspire to enhance and grow their God-given leadership skills. It provides an opportunity to hear from Godly leaders of today who will share about their journey, opportunities, challenges, and strategies for following Christ and putting Him first in their career, profession, business, and work in general.

This event will also provide an opportunity for the local business and professional community to connect, network, and learn some best marketplace ministry practices and strategies.

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