At BC Christian Academy, we prepare and equip our students for the future by providing an education rooted in Christian faith. Help support the work that we do here at BC Christian Academy in equipping students to impact the world for Christ. Thank you for your generosity!

Allow us to continue to inspire and transform more lives at BCCA by giving towards our Annual Drive. Your financial donation makes all the difference in helping our children grow in the areas of academics, sports, music, arts, and spiritual health.

BC Christian Academy is recognized as a non-profit organization with charitable registration number 89897 6287 RR 0001. Thank you for partnering with us.

We need your help because–

  • Like all independent schools, BCCA has a gap between operating expenses and tuition income. We help BRIDGE the GAP between tuition and operating costs of educating a child at our school.
  • We only receive partial funding from the government.
  • We get no government support for capital expenses.
  • We do our best to make Tuition Fees at BCCA relatively affordable so more families and students can have access to Christian education.
  • We offer financial assistance and support to many families and students at BCCA.

Here are Other WAYS to GIVE to BCCA.

Rock Foundation

In May of 2010, BC Christian Academy established the “Rock Foundation” for those who were passionate about Christian education, to be able to partner with us financially over a long term basis. These families, both inside and outside the school community, commit financial resources over multiple years in order to assist the school in providing life changing experiences for children and their families.

The goal of this foundation is to have at least 100 partners involved so that our daily operations can be firmly grounded. In addition, this would provide a large base of funds to assist families in need so that they can have a Christian education.

Financial Gifts and Pledges

As a school we need to make sure that we are able to meet the day to day operational cost of running a school. This we hope to achieve through the partial government funding we receive and tuition. However, this is not always possible, therefore financial gifts are necessary.

Many people see the work being done at the school and the impact it has on children’s lives and they choose to make financial contributions. These gifts enable us to meet the needs of the school community. Every financial contribution is eligible for a tax receipt and will be provided at the end of every fiscal year.


An excellent way for anyone to help our school to raise the funds, items and volunteers that it needs, is to support our events. Events are a fun and effective way for our school community to get together and support each other.

BCCA runs a variety of events that you are welcome to join. Some of these are open houses, luncheons, Read-A-Thons, Legacy Builders’ Breakfast and more. This helps BC Christian academy continue to be one of the top Vancouver and BC Christian schools as well as one of the best private schools in BC.

Another way to contribute is to help with the organization and running of an event. We can always use more help and appreciate it very much! You can find out what events are coming up by going to the calendar. You can find out what events are coming up by going to the calendar and connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram.


As you have already realized, there are a variety of ways to give to organizations such as BC Christian Academy. Some methods are creative and designed for a specific type of donor who has unique circumstances and requirements in giving. Donating using an endowment is such a method.

When someone donates an endowment, it is an asset that has ongoing giving potential due to its financial makeup. It is commonly an investment fund or another type of property. The endowment is given for a specific purpose designated clearly by the donor. For example, the donor may desire the proceeds to be used for Bibles, computers, books or other study aids. Or maybe, the giver would like to have it used for paying partial or full tuition for students from impoverished families. It is up to the donor to decide.

The ongoing giving aspect from the donation usually comes in the form of dividends or interest from the donated asset, while the principal asset remains intact. Although this is normal, endowments can be flexible in design, so the donor can give instructions to also have portions of the principal asset, in addition to the returns, to be given over time until the asset is used up.

An endowment is ideal for the person who is keen on sowing long term into the Kingdom (often continuing after death), especially in the noble cause of supporting children with a good Christian education. So, maybe you are in a blessed position and you have a rental property that you don’t need, or stocks, bonds, or other investments that could be used as an endowment gift to BC Christian Academy. Please pray about it. Your partnership in providing students with excellent Christian education is much appreciated.

Gifts in Kind

You may be blessed with other resources that you are able to donate to the school. You may have access to materials for repairs and maintenance or equipment for classrooms and school administration. These donations are also very valuable to the school and are eligible for tax credit.

As an example, many of the pieces of equipment in the student fitness room were “gifts in kind” from the community


This is one resource some of us don’t have much of, but others find that it is the best way to give. Your gift of time enables us to use our financial resources directly where it is needed most – on the children.


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