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Leadership & Administration

Ian Jarvie

Head Master

I have had the privilege of serving in the educational field since 1986. My wife and I first started our teaching careers in Tokyo. Our plan was to teach there for one year but God had other plans for us and we ended teaching in Japan for 5 years. Upon returning to the Vancouver lower mainland area (my birthplace) in the early 1990s, God led me to this small, upstart school called British Columbia Academy in September 1993. It was the school’s second year of operation and I had the privilege of teaching biblical truths to a grade 4-7 class (yes, one class with 4 grades in it!). Over my years at BCCA, I have taught multiple grades and courses from grades 4-12. In 1995-96, I was honoured to have been asked to be the interim principal of the school, and the following year, principal. It has been an amazing journey, where God has allowed me to be part of a wonderful Christian staff that has been able to impact the lives of our students and families for the sake of Christ. A highlight in my career took place when BC Christian Academy was finally able to purchase a school property of their own (the 1019 Fernwood Campus, PoCo) in June 2020. After 28 years, God has given us the opportunity to provide an excellent education for many generations to come. I cannot think of a more rewarding career where we can open the eyes of our students to God’s amazing creation!

Miguel Zhou

High School Principal

My name is Miguel Zhou and I am the high school Principal since 2018. I have taught all over the province at other independent Christian schools and am fortunate that God has led my family and me back home to the Lower Mainland, and to BC Christian Academy. My wife and I have been happily married for almost ten years and have recently welcomed our third child into our family. What excites me about my job is working with staff and students to continue growing in their biblical world views. My goal is to see our whole community flourish and love God greater with all their hearts, souls, strengths, and minds. Again, I thank God that He has brought me and all the staff of BCCA together to disciple, teach, and encourage our students from Creation to the New Creation.

Beth Peters

Elementary Principal

My journey into education was an accidental one, at least from a human perspective. While pursuing an unfulfilling career in corporate banking, God nudged me to respond to a 3-week long plea in the church bulletin for Sunday School teachers. After training and beginning to teach my little class of 8 & 9-year-olds, it became immediately evident that working with children was a perfect fit for me and would become my life calling. After a 180 degree about-face back to university to earn my teacher certification, God planted me in the independent Christian school sector where training young disciples have become both a privilege and a passion. In 2007, BCCA welcomed me on staff to teach in the Primary Department with a leap into Administration 7 years later where I am presently serving a faithful and multi-talented staff in providing the solid, Christ-centered education for which our families are asking. May your unfailing love be with us, Lord, even as we put our hope in You. – Psalm 33:22

Anthony Bylenga

Assistant Elementary Principal/Grade 5

Where He leads, I will follow equipping children for life. For me, Christian education is all about the students: educating the head, heart, and hands with excellent academics and engaged student-centered learning and service opportunities. My goal as a Christian educator is to share the gospel and nurture students to be our Savior’s witness in every area of life and to follow Christ as his disciples in all areas of creation and culture. I have been involved in Christian Schooling as a teacher and an administrator for 38 years in both Canada and the United States. I am presently the Grade 5 teacher and Assistant Principal of the Fernwood Campus.

Admin & Front Office - High School

Peck Lim

Administrative Assistant

Alan Chiang

Office Assistant

Admin & Business Office - Elementary

Rosie Shen

Business Administrator

Susan Gates


Tania Sutanto

HR Administrator

Elizabeth Fonacier

Office Secretary

Mandy Cato

Office Assistant

Athletics, Marketing & Development, International Program

Doug Dowell

Athletics Director Elementary/HS

John Suan

Facilities Development Manager

Paul Lukianiuk

Facilities Manager

Ana Enduma

Marketing Coordinator

Ivan Boh

International Program Coordinator/Marketing Assistant

Elementary Staff

Kevin Luong

Kindergarten – L

Mariam Barnes

Kindergarten – B

Karen Mende

Kindergarten – M

Melody Bell

Grade 1 – B Teacher

Sara Concha

Grade 1 – C Teacher

Doris Granados

Grade 2 – G Teacher

Karen Harris

Grade 2 – H Co-teacher

Elena Swope

Grade 2 – S Teacher

Trisha Miller

Grade 2 – M Co-teacher

Nicholas Agon

Grade 3 – A Teacher

Kristina Fry

Grade 3 – F Teacher

Jessica Fenske

Grade 4 Teacher

Tony Bylenga

Grade 5 Teacher

Anne-Marie Chamberlain

Grade 6 Teacher

Joe Brandsma

Grade 7 Teacher

Darryl Penner

Music Teacher Primary

Ivy (Elisabeth) Lisik

Music Teacher Elementary/HS

Elizabeth Dol

French Teacher

Kathy King

Art Teacher

High School Staff

Blair Kuzyk

HS Science/Career Counseling

Ganesan Nagayah

HS Law & Eco/GIS Teacher

David Wright

HS English/SS Teacher

Gery Speck

HS Tech & Photography

Isaac Lisik

HS Math & French

Shirley Eu

HS ELL/Counsellor

Bronwyn Gray

ELL/Bible Teacher 1

Carmen Johns

Electives Teacher

Jonathan Phang

HS PE/Science/Theatre/ELL

James McLachlan

HS PE/SS/Math/Wood/Entrepreneur

Camelia Vijulie

Bus Driver

Learning Resource Centre

Evangeline Torres

LRC Director

Jasmine Tsing Lee

LRC Coordinator (Grades K-7)

Faith M. Fox

LAT (K-7)

Sherri Van de Poll

SEA 1 Intermediate

Josephine Seow


Keith Daley


Otanuwan Kadiri


Vilma R. Cruz


Ezinne Obioha


Brooke Du Merton


Anna Chan

LRC Assistant


Charmaine Aguilar

LRC Coordinator 8-12

Narin Cheng


Brein Puffer


Susan Rush


Shawna Warhurst


Olga Levouchkina


Kids Club

Theresa Lee

Kids Club Director

Candice Lee

Assistant Director

Anna Liza Tayao Manila

Administrative Assistant

Elly Park


Kim Scott


Alma Pastrana

Andy Olonan

Azi Ranaei

Berenice Fernandez

Beulah Smith

Chamieh Lepine

Danielle Lim

Elisha Thomas

Elsa Phan

Eva-Mai McHugh

Fahime Nosrati

Feri Kazemian

Gloria Niyomahoro

Grace Villarey

Hamideh Barghbani

Hosen Jeong

Jacquelyn Phan

James Tjernagel

Janet Medrano

Janviere Niyuhire

Jayvee Cochingco

Joy Ha Suh

Julia Valny

Jungsuk Han

Kunghee In

Lorie Leonem

Martha Torres

Minji Kwon

Mona Roozban

Monica Fasihi Majd

Paula Diaz

Sukja Kim

Jessica Duran

Emily Zhang


High School

Kids Club


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