Because we’re not just a school, we’re a Community!

Pastor Appreciation Day

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and BC Christian Academy is hosting its annual Pastor Appreciation Day every October after the Canadian Thanksgiving from 10 am to 12 pm to recognize and appreciate the huge role that pastors & ministry workers play in our faith community. Hebrews 13:7 inspires us to “Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you.” BC Christian Academy affirms the importance of home, family, and church working together to lay the Christian foundation among our young generation.

This event is held inside our school gymnasium at exactly 10 am starting with a brunch, followed by a short program. Pastors may join the “C” Our Story Tour of the school after the program.

Cultural Connections

Whether you are from Canada or from China, English is your first language or not, each person represents a culture that is worth knowing and celebrating in our school community! All BCCA Families are encouraged to join and participate in our CULTURAL CONNECTIONS usually during the first term of the school year.

Research shows that family involvement in their child’s learning has a profound effect and positive impact on their children’s success in school. This is true for families of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Each year, we grow more culturally and ethnically diverse and while we are thankful for this growth, cultural and language barriers do exist that sometimes make communication quite challenging. As we strive to continue building and strengthening our BCCA Community, it is our pleasure to introduce this program to our school (CULTURAL CONNECTIONS) with the purpose of:

  • Creating a warm environment for all families,
  • Building cultural groups and discovering community liaisons,
  • Fostering more effective communication by offering translation services to non-English speaking families,
  • Providing better access to school services and resource materials; and
  • Communicating our school mission and development goals over the next 3-5 years and identify the role families play in helping us meet them.

Furthermore, it is our hope that our Cultural Connections program will be an avenue for our current or returning families to support, mentor or come alongside the new BCCA families as they make a smooth transition into our BCCA community!

Help build and strengthen a “culture of giving” to our school by participating!

Grandparents Day

BC Christian Academy values the relationship your children have with their grandparents. Over the years, the grandparents in our school have become a very important part of our community. We are definitely committed to nurturing our relationship with them by celebrating and honoring them at our annual Grandparents Day! This event includes time in class with the students, musical presentations, and a special luncheon at the gym.

Giving Tuesday Initiative

Our Giving Tuesday participation allows us to become part of something bigger. It involves our next generation of leaders in generous giving. It is a good reminder for all of us to think of others in our community as well as ourselves. Your giving of money, time and even your prayers to our school and others in our community demonstrates how every act of generosity counts, and that they mean even more when we give together. We thank you sincerely for your GRACE, KINDNESS and SUPPORT as we explore and develop the culture of giving in our school.

On our first #GivingTuesdayCA, our BCCA community had come out to GIVE.

GivingTuesday is a global day of annual giving happening the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a time when Canadians, charities, and businesses come together to celebrate giving and participate in activities that support charities and non-profits. Originally started in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation in partnership with a variety of other community organizations, GivingTuesday Canada was founded in 2013 by the GIV3 Foundation and CanadaHelps. This will be our second year to participate again in GIVING TUESDAY. BC Christian Academy is a registered non-profit charitable organization.

Watch our #GivingTuesday video here.




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