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Dear Kids Club Families,

We are so excited to welcome new and returning friends to the 2023-2024 school year at BCCA Kids Club!

To ensure that you have all the information you need to prepare for a successful year ahead, please find below some important details and resources to get your family ready to jump into our various programs this coming September. You may find it helpful to review the pertinent information before your child’s first day. These documents can be viewed or downloaded using the following links:


1. Welcome Letter from the Director


2. Parents Handbook 2023-24

Our handbook has been updated for the new school year so please take some time to read through it. This handbook is accessible through our website at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions, or need any further information, assistance or clarification.


3. Program Details

Find details pertinent to each program via the links below. We strongly recommend reading through the program details carefully to ensure your family and child are ready for the first day back to Kids Club

4. Site Map and Safe Driving Notice

Please read our “Safe Driving Notice” including the speed limits and no drive through zones. We will be issuing infraction tickets to individuals caught speeding or driving unsafely in and around the school grounds. The “Site Map” will give you an overview of Kids Club parking zones as well as where to find your child’s classroom.


5. Staff Contact Information

Please check out  our website for names, photos and email addresses of all our staff.


6. Supplies

Lists of necessary supplies for each program can be found in the Parent’s Handbook. All items should be labelled and dropped off within the first week of classes.


7. Care Plan Renewal Reminders

All students with a chronic health condition such as allergies, asthma, etc. and students with long-term behavioural conditions are requested to forward a new/renewed 2023-2024 Care Plan if not done so already. These care plans are valid for one year only. Please provide valid prescription medication with the care plan, if needed.


8. Medication Administration Form

Please be reminded that any student needing Kids Club staff to administer medication are required to submit the Authorization for Medication Administration form. Please provide the prescribed medication in the original container that has your child’s name, dosage, etc. clearly labelled on it. Please request your pharmacist to divide the medication in two containers to allow one to stay at the Centre and the other one for dispensing dosages at home. Our staff are not permitted to administer over the counter (OTC) medication for any reason.


9. Monthly Fee Payment

Please be sure to submit your Pre-Authorised Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Form with a void cheque. A late fee will be charged for payments not received by the fifteenth of each month. The Centre reserves the right to terminate care if accounts are delinquent.


10. Kids Club Calendar

All the events, special dates, holidays and more for all our programs!



Our team has been hard at work to integrate the new Procare Solutions childcare management software with our current administrative operations. This new system will give secure and easy access to families to view records, photos, milestones and more; and allow our admin team to streamline and maintain records more effectively.


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