Compassion and community infuse Christian academy’s teachings in Port Coquitlam

A few weeks ago, a student at the B.C. Christian Academy was driving with his parents when they passed a homeless man who had no shoes.

“Can we do something to help this gentleman,” the student asked.

They stopped the car, turned around and made sure the man got the help he needed.

When Ian Jarvie, the school’s head principal, heard the story, he was not only proud of the student; he was gratified that one of the school’s 3Cs was spontaneously being put in action: Compassion.

“We want students to look out and care for others on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t matter what profession they go into; are they watching out for others and making their communities a better place?”

Academy staff endeavour to model the teachings of compassion. “We believe that if you’re intentional and reach out, to think about things and to do them, then it will become important to the students, too,” says Jarvie.

The first of the 3Cs is Christ. The staff represent about 30 churches but “we can agree upon the core values and the core scriptural teachings of Christ.”

When it comes to the third C, Community, Jarvie had his own lesson in its importance during his second year at the school 26 years ago.

“One of the mothers called me in tears and said, ‘Can you pray for my husband? He was in a terrible accident and is in intensive care.’ I had three of their beautiful children in my class. I knew how to teach but how do I care for them when their father is taken away from them?

“I saw the school rally behind the family and knew I wanted to be part of this community. We want to integrate with the families. We want to be there and laugh with them when the good times happen but cry alongside and support them when these tough times happen,” he says.

Jarvie stresses that while the school is Christian based, it takes a holistic view of the child. “What kind of citizens do we want once they graduate? No matter where they live or the work they’re doing, are they going to make a difference for the better for that community? If they are, and we’ve had a part of that, praise God.”


Written by Tricity News
Original Source: Tricity News


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