Kindergarten is an important year in your child’s education as it sets a foundation for the remaining school years ahead and provides a framework of life skills that your child will be able to apply to the world for years to come! We are excited to see your child be confronted with the awe and wonder of God as we explore His creation and His purpose for our lives. We can’t wait to watch your child learn, play and grow!

Kindergarten at BCCA provides a Bible-based, Christ-Centered foundation to your child’s education. We strive to ensure every child has the opportunity to shine in the areas where God has gifted them and is given the tools and support to reach their full spiritual, academic, physical and artistic potential.

At BCCA Kindergarten students are encouraged to:

  • Grow and develop spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically
  • Learn reading and writing skills
  • Study science, math, music and art through play and exploration
  • Participate in fun, educational and theme-related field trips
  • Have devotions and weekly chapel time
  • Have a school library program
  • Enjoy a buddy program and have a gradual entry schedule

Kindergarten Admissions

To register for Kindergarten, your child must turn 5 years of age on or before December 31st of the coming school year. Application Packages are available from the school office and must be completed in full. Early application is recommended. Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be contacted for an interview with the Elementary Principal. Following the interview, your application will go to the Admissions Committee and you will be notified regarding the status of your application in a timely fashion. It is important that parents read the Admission Procedures, Constitution, Statement of Faith, Parents’ Code and the Tuition Policy.

Thank you for considering BC Christian Academy’s Kindergarten program.


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