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Faith Work Conference 2021

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The Faith and Work Conference is the largest Christian Leadership Conference organized by BC Christian Academy with the purpose of providing a forum and setting for the equipping, training, and inspiring of our young people and others who aspire to enhance and grow their God-given leadership skills.  Furthermore, this conference will give the attendees and delegates the opportunity to know BC Christian Academy—its mission, programs, plans for expansion, and vision for the future.

This year’s Conference has the theme–“EQUIPPING FUTURE LEADERS” and will combine both live and online audiences and expand our original Faith and Work Conference experience to a virtual platform from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday, May 1st at our Fernwood Campus gymnasium.  

Featuring a roster of very prominent speakers including the Honorable Senator Yonah Martin (Canadian Senator), Graham Carter (Principal  & Co-Founder-Vertex Dev. & Maven Consulting), John Neate (CEO and Founder of JJ Bean Cafe), Esther De Wolde (CEO and Founder of Phantom Screens) and Geoff Dittrich (Founder and Managing Partner of INK LLP), this Conference, which drew close to 150 attendees and participants in 2019, provides an opportunity for the local business and professional community to connect, network, and learn some best marketplace ministry practices and strategies.

Our hybrid event can host up to 500 virtual attendees that can include our HS Students, Millenials, Decision Makers like Business Professionals, Managers & Executives, Emerging Leaders, Pastors, Church Leaders, Educators, Homemakers, and BC Christian Academy’s community of teachers, staff, parents, and alumni.



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